Counseling Assessments and Services for Sammamish Residents

No-Fee, 30-Minute Assessments

It is a time of unprecedented stress and upheaval for many youth and families who live in Sammamish, Washington. Your team at CrossPath Counseling and the City of Sammamish have teamed up to provide services exclusively for you. In 2021, the City of Sammamish voted to provide special funding to CrossPath Counseling to support a full-time, masters-level counselor at our office.
If you are a Sammamish resident, you may schedule a free, 30-minute, confidential assessment with the counselor. The counselor will evaluate your needs or your family's needs, then connect you with services at our office or another counseling group in the community, whichever is the best fit for your needs.

Low and No-Cost Counseling Available

You may be eligible for low or no-cost counseling services if you are a Sammamish resident who needs counseling services but cannot afford or find services with other providers. A City of Sammamish grant covers the fees for a 30-minute confidential assessment and counseling sessions with our grant-funded therapist Jami Sweeney, LMHCA. You must complete a confidential 30-minute evaluation to be considered for counseling services.

Contact us to schedule a no-cost, 30-minute confidential assessment for you or your family - we are here to help!

Meet Jami Sweeney, LMHCAMeet Jami Sweeney, LMHCA

Jami is a licensed mental health counselor passionate about helping children, adolescents, and adults navigate life's challenges. He provides individual, child, and adolescent (8 and up), adult, parenting, and gender counseling. He conducts our no-fee, 30-minute assessments with Sammamish residents and refers them for ongoing counseling services as needed.

Jami's approach to counseling is rooted in evidence-based treatments, which means he relies on proven methods to provide you with effective care.

Jami's main goal as a mental health counselor is to assess, diagnose, treat, and prevent mental illnesses. He understands that you are much more than your mental health. That's why he brings elements from his Montessori and Comprehensive Sexuality Education backgrounds into his practice. He takes a developmental approach, helping you develop essential relational and executive functioning skills.

Jami's experience influences his evidence-based approach to his practice, where he applies research-tested strategies to promote individual growth and self-realization.

Jami completed his internship at Youth Eastside Services in Bellevue, Washington, and worked in the Bellevue and Lake Washington school districts. He is a member of the Washington Mental Health Counselor Association and the American Counseling Association.

Clinical Specialties

Contact us to schedule a free, confidential assessment - we are here to help!

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